Kitchener Waterloo International Children's Games

Peace Through Sport

The goal of the International Children's Games is to enable, develop and advance the meeting, understanding and friendship of athletes from different countries, and advance the Olympic ideal.

It is often said, “Children are our future, teach them and let them lead the way.” This statement rings true no matter who says it and where it is said.

The International Children’s Games are believed to be the largest youth sports gathering in the world and are designed to promote peace and friendship through youth sport. It is an International Olympic Committee sanctioned event and has attracted over 37,000 participants from over 400 cities in five continents since 1968. The games embody the true Olympic spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play and allow children to pursue their goals in a nonpolitical and nondenominational way.

Founded in 1968 Slovenia, the International Children’s Games were established to create an event fostering a better understanding among children of different cultural backgrounds, as well as promoting peace and harmony worldwide through sport.

Join us in the experience of a lifetime!

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