What is KWICG?

In 1968 the concept of fostering a better understanding among children from different cultural backgrounds was founded in Slovenia. Since then, the International Children's Games have attracted over 40,000 participants, representing 375 cities, from 80 countries in five continents.

Today, the games are sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee.

The Goal: Peace through Sport. The International Children's Games are designed to enable, foster and advance the understanding and friendship of athletes from different countries. While at the same time advancing the Olympic ideal, allowing children to pursue their goals in a nonpolitical and nondenominational environment.

KWICG was formed in 2000 with the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo partnering with affiliated minor sports groups. The games are exclusively for children between 12 and 15 years of age. KWICG and its exclusive committee work with both cities and minor sports groups to facilitate participation within these games.

To date, KWICG has participated in 15 games (2 Winter and 13 Summer). See what The Record had to say about us. 


Decision Criteria

Mayor Invitation
Evaluate participation: Board/time resources, travel advisories, security, modes of transportation, health advisories

Selection Process

Host city chooses participating sports
KWICG presents to the Affiliated Sport Group to either City of Kitchener or City of Waterloo
Sport group must submit a signed Letter of Commitment
Sports group recommends athletes that are: ideal for participation, in good standing with Sport Group
Athlete must be aware that they are representing their country, their city, their sport and KWICG

Application Process

Before interview: submit application
Non-refundable application fee $30
Registration deposit $400 (refundable)
250-word essay
2 letters of reference
Fees, letter of reference and essay to accompany the application form
Required to meet deadlines set by KWICG

Athlete Interviews

Interviewed by panel
Accompanied by parent/guardian
Expectations: Athlete focus
Discussion of financial obligations

Responsibilities - Board

Promote, encourage and coordinate sports, athletes and coaches
Select HOD, chaperone(s)
Select coaches
Select athletes
Facilitate meetings
A board member will sit on each of three committees (Fundraising, Apparel and Itinerary)

Responsibilities/Requirements - Athlete

Valid passport
Age: 12-15 (in calendar year of the games)
Affiliated with the City of Kitchener and/or City of Waterloo
Positive and professional attitude
Adhere to Code of Conduct

Responsibilities - Parents/Guardian

Allow athlete to travel completely with the delegation
MUST attend and actively participate in parent-organizing committee
Attend monthy meetings of the delegation
Provide requested documents and payments

Responsibilities - Coaches

Must complete application
Provide a Police Check (Vulnerable Sector Check)
Interview with panel
Develop and understanding and is committed to the ideals of the KWICG
Adhere to Code of Conduct

Responsibilities - Head of Delegation

Must complete application
Provide Police Check (Vulnerable Sector Check)
Interview with panel
Develop an understanding and is committed to the ideals of the KWICG
Adhere to Code of Conduct
In charge of the delegation and has FINAL say in any decision at the games (in coordination with the coaches and chaperones)

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