Fundraising Policy

The following terms have these meanings in this Policy

  • “Venture” - A fundraising proposal that is project-specific
  • “KWICG BOARD” - The Organization
  • “Donors” - The parties (groups, organizations, individuals) that are solicited for funds

The Organization supports raising funds through fundraisers and suggests that each delegation or participant consider its own fundraising activities. This Policy will assist both the Organization and its delegation and participants with making proper and informed decisions about fundraising; particularly so that all fundraising ventures have a likelihood of profitability, effectiveness, efficiency and are reflective of the Organization’s values.

This Policy applies to the Organization and its delegation and participants

The Organization and its delegation and participants shall consider and apply the following principles when determining whether or not to approve a fundraising Venture:

  • Profitability; whether or not the result of the Venture is expected to exceed the time and resources invested in its implementation
  • Feasibility; that the Venture is able to be executed and monitored
  • Cost-effectiveness; that all cost (both up-front and hidden) must be factored into the expenses of the Venture
  • Jurisdiction; that the delegation or participant receiving the benefits of the Venture is identified and clarified
  • Adheres to values; that the Venture must be in line with the values of the Organization
  • Unconfirmed income; that the funds raised from the Venture must not be budgeted as hard revenue
  • Tax receipts; that the Venture must respect all federal and provincial laws and regulations governing fundraising and tax receipts

The group, committee, person or entity proposing a Venture must submit a proposal that answers the following questions:

  • What is the Venture
  • How long will the Venture last
  • Is the Venture province-wide or regional
  • What potential Donors will the Venture solicit for funds
  • What expenses will be required to start and maintain the venture
  • Will the organization be required to partner with a group, company or organization
  • What funds, resources or other benefits are expected to be gained from the Venture
  • Who benefits from the Venture and what is the distribution of benefits
  • What can go wrong with the Venture and how have these risks been managed

Approval must be obtained from the Organization before any Venture is initiated.
The proposal must be submitted to the Organization for approval before the Venture may begin. The Organization shall approve or reject the proposal.
If the Proposal is rejected, the Organization shall explain reasons for the rejection. Revised proposal may be submitted to be accepted or rejected by the Organization.

All communication with the Donors must be accurate, reflect the Organization values and conform to this Policy.

Once the proposal has been approved and during and after the Venture’s fundraising activities, the Venture must:

  • Comply with all applicable local, provincial and federal laws
  • Not engage in activities that harm members or volunteers, that conflict with ethical or legal obligations (pursuant to the Organization’s Code of Conduct and the Organization’s Conflict of Interest Policy) or that exploit a relationship with a potential Donor, member or volunteer
  • Track all funds and benefits collected, record all expenses and determine the net result of the Venture
  • Distribute benefits and funds as per the Venture’s proposal
  • Seek approval from the KWICG before distributing funds and benefits outside of the scope of the proposal

When the Venture has concluded, a report must be submitted to the KWICG detailing the result of, and distribution of funds and benefits from, the Venture. If approval from the Organization was required for a Venture (under the Organization Approval section of this Policy) a report must also be submitted to the Organization

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